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Zimmatic by Lindsay NFTrax

Zimmatic: Drivetrain Maintenance Tip

When your pivot breaks down in the middle of the season, that’s costly downtime. Avoid surprises with preventive maintenance. Your local Lindsay dealer will follow a 20-point inspection checklist to analyze all electrical and mechanical components from the pivot point to the overhang… spotting wear-and-tear and potential problems. Make sure to use Genuine Lindsay Parts for engineered design, proper fit, and factory warranties for longer machine life. Keep your pivots running smoothly and take advantage of lower operating costs and higher trade-in value.

Grower Insights: Jeff McBride, Ogallala, NE

Jeff is a busy guy. Grower, seed dealer, coach, community leader, family man.

See how FieldNET by Lindsay wireless irrigation management system enables Jeff to better manage his 2000+ acres of irrigated crops – and his personal time – by giving him remote access and powerful tools.

Zimmatic: FieldNET Advantages

FieldNET® by Lindsay is the industry’s first fully integrated wireless and mobile solution to manage irrigation systems, providing automatic control of water and chemigation application to employ best management practices.

Zimmatic: Preventative Maintenance Tip

Regular preventative maintenance inspections can prevent downtime, reduce operating costs and extend machine life. Your Lindsay dealer has the tools necessary to inspect the electrical and mechanical components from the pivot point to the overhang – catching wear and maintenance items before they cause a bigger problem. Be sure to use Lindsay Genuine Parts to ensure exact fit, factory warranties, and engineered designs for longer machine life.

Zimmatic: Determining When to Replace an Aging System Tip

Center pivots are designed to provide decades of reliable performance when maintained properly, but like any asset on the farm there comes a time when you need to plan for replacement. Zimmatic pivots are built with the thickest pipeline in the industry, and they’re built to be durable, rugged and long lasting machines. In fact, the first pivot we ever installed is still operating in central Nebraska. Identifying the wear characteristics can help you prevent an unexpected crash and lost crop. Look for flat spans that have lost their arch due to thinning pipeline, pin holes or pipeline leaks, excessive rust in drains, etc. If structure, controls and drive train are still in good condition a machine re-pipe is another option you can consider in addition to a full machine replacement.

Every Drop Counts

Over the past 50 years, Lindsay has become a worldwide force in offering irrigation and infrastructure solutions for a rapidly growing population.

9500CC with GPS Guidance

In today’s economy, you need every advantage. That’s why a corner system has never been more critical. The 9500CC with GPS Guidance is the proven option for expanding the land you already farm.

NEW FieldNET Drip Micro-Irrigation

FieldNET® redefines drip and micro irrigation control. The industry’s most intuitive and easy-to-use wireless irrigation management solution is now available for drip and micro irrigation applications – reducing risk and saving time, labor, water, energy and chemicals.

Zimmatic: Precision Irrigation with Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) Tip

Variability in soil type, crop type, topography or in-field obstacles can all be managed as separate zones within a field with Lindsay’s Precision Variable Rate Irrigation system. Only Lindsay offers control down to the individual sprinkler allowing you to define polygon-based management zones that vary application rates for water, chemical and fertilizer This allows site specific control – reducing or increasing application rates across multiple zones for increased productivity, and reduced energy consumption.