Center Pivots

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The Zimmatic 9500 Series leads the industry in long-lasting design and operation. No other brand features larger, stronger tower legs and the thickest pipeline on the market. From the robust construction to the innovative structure and components, these machines offer reliability season after season.


pipeZimamtic’s standard 6 5/8 inch (168 mm) pipeline is more than 10% thicker than the competition’s best offering, which means additional strength and stability – the most substantial in the industry.


0795rt_72webHot-dipped galvanized steel legs and heavy-duty cross-members form a rugged foundation. Exclusive collector ring is mounted externally, eliminating water flow restriction.


30_171_119_z_pipe_li0082_pl2_72webFormed sprinkler outlets are part of the pipeline, ensuring precisely matched threads for a watertight seal. Traditional welded-on couplings can result in leakage and rusting.

Span Collector

30_171_119_z_uniknucklespanconnector_72webExclusive Uni-Knuckle span connector features components that are mounted externally to eliminate flow restriction.

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Zimmatic® by Lindsay’s 8500P center pivot provides an incredible value for your operation. Combining state-of-the-art engineering design processes with the latest in material science, the 8500P center pivot features a 12-guage pipeline in a high strength machine you can trust to provide consistent irrigation for many years.


  • High tensile strength 11/16-inch truss rods
  • 8500P exclusive truss design and truss rod pockets
  • Full complement of tower options- low, standard, medium, or high-clearance
  • Crossed tower braces provide more support for torsional loads
  • Zimmatic’s exclusive Uni-Knuckle span connection offers full support, stress-free flexibility, and external design to eliminate flow restriction
  • Optional 8500P compact pivot point allows use of competitive pivot pads with a smaller footprint, reducing installation costs.
  • Attractive, uniformly arching spans
pipeThe 8500P’s pipes have been tested to ensure quality and meet the Zimmatic standard of durability.

  • Diameter of 6 5/8 inches
  • Competitive 12-guage pipe and tower joints
  • Zimmatic’s 9500P pipeline can be used in place of the 8500P pipe for machine flexibility and ease of service
  • High tensile strength steel provides longevity
30_171_119_z_centerdrive_13_72webWith a standard 43 RPM center drive motor, the 8500P driveline matches Zimmatic 8500P’s standard rotation- the fastest rotation speed of any center drive available.

  • Center drive motor uses Zimmatic’s prove triple reduction spur gear technology- it’s te same high-efficiency drive you know and trust
  • High strength 12-guage steel drive tubes
  • All tracking solutions are available, including all tire and rim combinations, and the Trax drive system
  • Rugged AT Gearbox
  • The industry’s largest expansion chamber
  • Includes a register on the output flange for additional wheel support, as well as an externally gusseted bell-housing for increased strength
  • Shorter output shaft than the competition, eliminates high overhand load on bearings

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The 7500P Small-Field Pivot provides a new option for growers- and a new way to cost-effectively irrigate smaller field up to 24 ha (57 feddans). With its smaller diameter pipeline of 11.4 cm and 3.2m crop clearance, the 7500P provides the height needed to irrigate taller crops, as well as strength you’ve come to expect from Zimmatic® by Lindsay irrigation systems. And at a lower cost per ha, the 7500P will help you maximize coverage while minimizing costs.


  • Quality materials at an affordable price.
  • Exclusive truss design and truss rod pockets
  • Cross tower braces provide more support for torsional loads
  • Exclusive Uni-Knuckle span connection offers full support, stress-free flexibility, and external design to eliminate flow restriction 
  • 12.7 cm pivot point with compact footprint

  • The 7500P's pipes have been manufactured to meet the Zimmatic standard of quality and tested for durability.
  • Diameter of 11.4 cm
  • High tensile strength steel provides longevity
  • Watertight seal flow-drilled outlets for increased strength and uniformity

  • With a standard 43 RPM center drive motor, the 7500P features the fastest rotation speed of any center drive available.
  • Center pivot drive motors use Zimmatic's proven trip reduction spur gear technology
  • 7500's AT Gearbox features the industry's largest expansion chamber
  • The AT Gearbox's output shaft is shorter than the competition eliminating overhang load on bearings
Full Flow

  • The collector ring is mounted externally, eliminating water flow restriction.
  • A major advantage over the internal designs on other irrigation systems. 
  • The unit is entirely encased in fiberglass and features dual sliding contacts that ensure uninterrupted power.
  • Crossed tower braces provide more support for torsional loadsrestriction

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As the leader in irrigation systems for small fields, Zimmatic offers the 7500WD Water-Driven pivot for use in corners or where power is not available.  No other energy is required and no electrical installation is needed.

The single span 7500WD increases land use by efficiently irrigating up to 7.4 acres (3 hectares) of corn/maize, soybeans, wheat, vegetables, potatoes, sugar cane and pasture.  One pivot can be shared among several farmers or over separated fields to reduce cost per acre/hectare.

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Mobile Pivots 

Irrigate more acres without buying more equipment. Zimmatic offers three mobile irrigation solutions that allow you to spread your investment over multiple fields. All Zimmatic mobile pivots feature reinforced wheel hubs that swivel easily into towing position.



Ideal for frequent moves to fields up to 40 acres (16 ha), this easy-to-set-up system features a two-wheeled pivot rotating around a fixed anchor pad


Easily towed in any direction, the three-wheel mobile unit is held securely in place with earthen or concrete pad anchors and can irrigate fields up to 160 acres (65ha)


This system provides the necessary stability for towing over rough terrain and is intended for use in situations where pivot points are arranged in a straight line

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