Crop Metrics


Variable Rate Irrigation

VRI-CropMetrics-2013-BrochureThe goal of CropMetrics Variable Rate Irrigation is to increase water use efficiency and improve production on irrigated crop fields with soil and/or topography variability by applying the optimum application depths of water at both the right time and the right place. CropMetrics Variable Rate Irrigation is an affordable, datadriven Precision Ag solution that works for any center pivot irrigated acre and any crop type and is fully supported by local CropMetrics Precision Data Specialists. The number one yield limiting factor is water, so let VRI optimize your irrigation application to maximize profit on every acre!

Precision Starter Program

psp-cropmetrics PSP includes a one-time field mapping of EC (Electrical Conductivity) and RTK elevation data with complete data processing and field variability analysis. EC mapping identifies soil and topography variability that can influence production potential. Once these important base data layers are derived, then CropMetrics Precision Data Specialists can help you determine what advanced solutions can effectively manage your inputs more efficiently, improve yields and maximize profit on every acre!

Soil Moisture Probe Optimization

moisture-probeCropMetrics now delivers the most effective irrigation scheduling and soil moisture fuel gauge! No more wondering when to precisely water or questioning how much moisture is available in the soil profile. Advanced soil moisture probe technology is combined with CropMetrics Precision Data Specialists to provide complete in-season local agronomy support and recommendations to optimize water use efficiency and maximize profit!