Irrigation System Installation – New and Used We will oversee the installation of your irrigation system from start to finish. We are the only source you need for the entire construction, from the machine itself to electric service, pipe, trenching and anything else along the way. After meeting with you and looking at the field we will take precise measurements to determine the size and capacity needed to meet your goals. Construction will begin by laying out the system and we will then start assembling it. We will also determine the pivot point and pour a concrete pad if necessary. Water can be supplied either by well, pump, or gathering water through a flowing source such as river, creek, or ditch through a riverscreen. A power source will be chosen from either electrical or diesel. Upon completion we will continue to work with you to make sure the system is working properly and that you know how to safely operate it.

Well Drilling We offer horizontal or deep well drilling from two different reputable companies. We pride ourselves in making sure you have a good reliable water source to protect your investment!

Irrigation System Service As with any machine on your farm, regular maintenance is necessary on your irrigator. We can work with you on making sure that your irrigation system is ready to go each growing season and if any problems arise we can quickly get you up and running. We have worked on several different brands of irrigators and are willing to work on any make and model.

Parts As a licensed Zimmatic dealer we have a complete line of parts available to us. Call us today for any part or product you need. We also provide many electric machine parts.

Repairs Wind and Lightning storms are the most common cause of irrigator damage. If you have any damage to your system, we can help limit your downtime to a minimum. We are available around the clock to make sure your system is working for you.

Electrical ServiceGetting service to a remote part of the field is not a problem for us. We have the equipment and experience to get power anywhere on your farm including, irrigators, barns, bins, or anywhere else you can think of.

Diesel Power Units We have a variety of power units on hand or available to us. We can locate different units new or used and can even build one custom fit to your needs.

Tree Clearing and ExcavatingIn order to get the most out of the investment of a center pivot, some obstacles may need to be cleared. Whether it is something in the way of a new pivot, or a fence line that has become more than you want to deal with, we have the man power and equipment to tackle it.